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Core Team

What is "Core team"?

Modgnk is big on discipleship. And one of the ways we do that is through something called Core Team. If you have ever been to a camp or a retreat you are well aware that it takes lots of extra hands to pull off the daily schedule. The Core Team is a groups of students that are specifically selected from each church to come serve as 'behind the scene' servants. They are the first ones up and the last to go to sleep. They work getting the activities ready, cleaning up after the students, and even sit in on small groups to get a glimpse of what leadership can look like. 

Each Modgnik brings students from the degree above them. For example, when we host a middle school Modgnik in the fall, we bring High School Core Team to serve. Then we take College Students to serve at the High School Modngik in the Spring. This allows for students (especially Modngik Alumni) to serve others and experience Modgnik on a leadership level. 

Each year, we are so thankful for our Core Team as we literally can not do the retreat without them. They do undergo an application process to ensure that we have Students who are 100% committed to the cause and mission. 

Check out our testimonials page and read about some of the Core Team Experiences. 

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